As well as antiques Max Rollitt produces his own bespoke range of wonderful sofas, chairs, stools and dining tables. These are inspired by his favourite purchases over the years, and combine his meticulous design skills with the best of British craftsmanship.

Incorporating Max’s knowledge of the simple elegance of classical furniture, different components of the bespoke range are made by a range of different craftsmen, each the best in their field. They use traditional techniques to the highest standards and finishes. The beauty of this range is its simplicity and elegance which renders it appropriate to both contemporary and period settings. In addition, because each piece is hand finished, clients can specify sizes to fit their requirements.

Material Specifications: The beech frames are all made using FSC sourced timber and assembled using either tenoned or dowelled joints. Upholsterers cover the frames using traditional horsehair, but seat cushions can use more contemporary materials, such as feather and down or foam, for comfort. All the casters are cast from originals and hand finished to allow patination and colour.