Max Rollitt
Max Rollitt Parchment Lampshade

Pergano Lampshade

SKU: b-parls

SKU: b-parls


A perfect partner to our Library Light, the Parchment Shade creates a beautifully warm, ambient light. Parchment is a natural material that oxidises over time, causing it to darken in colour (as demonstrated by the images above). This process is expedited by direct sunlight.

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  • Height 10 cm
  • Top 6 cm
  • Base 14 cm

How to Order

We try our best to keep lampshades in stock and prepped for swift delivery. To find out pricing and availability of the Pergano Lampshade, please press the ‘ENQUIRE’ button or email, and specify the colour(s) required.

Max Rollitt Parchment Lampshade

“I was always told never to use more than a 40W light bulb. It’s stood me in good stead.”