Max Rollitt

Bespoke FAQs



Where is Your Furniture Made?

We don’t mass produce furniture in factories – most of our Bespoke range is made within 40 miles of our Hampshire showroom in small scale workshops, moved from skilled trade to skilled trade. Our aim is to produce handmade, traditionally constructed pieces of furniture which will last for generations. By ordering from us you are supporting small scale artisan makers and skilled crafts people who practice traditional skills, threatened by mass production and cheap imports. Your order is therefore incredibly important to us and the crafts people it sustains.


Do You Offer Trade Accounts?

Yes, we do. If you would like to apply for a trade account for our bespoke range, please complete the trade application form and return it to


Do You Provide Samples?

We carry a limited stock of handmade samples, which are supplied on a returnable basis. If the samples are returned within one month, no charges will apply, otherwise a restocking fee of £40 will be charged.


Are the Wooden Table Tops Treated?

Our dining tables and coffee tables are supplied with untreated sycamore tops, a traditional timber for table tops, especially in kitchen. Max loves how sycamore naturally ages; how wear, tear and touch build the character of the piece over time. However, some of our clients find the lightness of the wood daunting and opt for a protective treatment for an additional fee.



Are Your Beds Supplied with Slats / Divans?

We find most people are very particular about their mattress choice and how they like their bed. Therefore, as standard, our beds are not supplied with divans, slats or mattresses. Please mention in your quote request if you would like information and prices for these options.


Can You Supply Mattresses?

Yes, our mattress and divans are handmade in Hampshire, filled with natural materials, can be made to your precise specification and come with a 30 day sleep guarantee. It is possible to return the mattress throughout its life to be serviced for a fee, meaning they last significantly longer than many other mattresses on the market which are typically recommended to be replaced every eight years.


Are Headboards Included with the Four Poster Beds?

Yes, they are and the cost of upholstery is included, although top fabric is not.


Are Bed Dressings Supplied with the Beds?

As standard, our beds are not supplied with dressings or an upholstered ceiling but these can be made to your specification for an additional charge.


Can You Make a Bed to Fit My Mattress?

For four poster beds we recommend mattresses with corner cut outs to fit perfectly around the bed posts but if you have an existing standard, rectangular mattress our beds may be made to accommodate these, although we recommend the inclusion of a footboard to create the correct shape into which the mattress can fit.



Do you supply lamps wired for the EU or USA?

We can wire for the USA, but because of different regulations which in some cases vary from state to state, we offer different options:

Lights may be supplied unwired (but with US wire and plugs) and strictly advise you to arrange for an electrician to wire on arrival in the US to accord with local regulations who can complete relevant testing. Lamps supplied as above are the same price as those wired for use in the UK, please make a note on your order if you would prefer this option.

The lamp can be sent to a specialist electrician in the UK to be wired and UL tested, for a surcharge of £180. This will increase the standard lead time, typically by a further two weeks.

We can wire lamps for the EU on request. Please note these are supplied without plugs as per option 1 above.


What type of light bulbs do your lamps require?

Our lamps are fitted with a B22 lampholder (standard bayonet) and we recommend a 40-60 watt bulb. Our Library light requires a C35 E14 screw candle bulb.

Max’s personal preference is that no bulb be brighter than 40W, but this is of course personal preference.



We’re a small team and happy to post lamps and lampshades but have limited resources to pack larger items. We would hate for your items to be damaged due to our lack of specialist packaging so we direct customers to Mailboxes in Winchester, who can collect on your behalf, pack and arrange onward delivery:


International Shipping

Again, while we’re happy to pack and send anything smaller than a lamp we currently directing our international customers for larger items to one of our regular carriers; with Brexit and Covid logistics have become more difficult, so it’s best dealt with by the experts.

You may of course use any shipper of your choice, but firms with whom we work regularly and would recommend include:

Henleys shipping
Cadogan Tate
The British Shop
Air Sea Packing



Is the antique linen, shown on the Katzsic and Tindley sofas, available by the metre?

This is custom made and hand dyed to order, using antique textiles and is priced by the square metre. Since the linen is an antique textile, there are slubs and natural flaws in the fabric; many of the sheets have a seam running down the centre, some have embroidered initials. We think this adds to the charm. Five standard colourways are available, please contact us for further details.


Do you provide house fabrics?

We don’t have a house fabric range just yet, but we are currently developing this, so watch this space!


In the meantime, if you would like details of anything you’ve seen on our website please get in touch.